Registration and Caps


All registration will be conducted online at We cannot accept email or phone registrations, but we are happy to help you navigate the registration website. If you have any questions concerning registration, please contact The IE event speaker codes given to you on the online registration system will be those used in competition unless you are notified otherwise. Field reports in the debate events will also be posted in advance of the tournament.

Some schools in the past have not reported all their drops to the tournament. This harms our ability to panel rounds for good competition. Schools with unreported drops will be assessed a fee of $50 per drop. Please notify tab immediately if a student falls ill or withdraws from competition during the tournament. This is for reasons of safety.

Eligibilty, Adult Supervision and Independent Entries

This tournament is open only to institutions that award high school diplomas. Students must be representing the school they attend, and their entries sanctioned by that school. All students must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, or by a school-approved adult guardian, teacher, or coach who is empowered to deal with emergencies, medical or otherwise. The adult guardian must be a high school graduate; high school students who have passed their 18th birthday do not count. All registrants must provide a name and phone number for an adult contact who will be present at the tournament and is responsible for the students in case of an emergency.

Caps and Limits

We have limited space. In order to keep the tournament manageable, we will impose limits in a few events. Initially, Varsity LD will be capped at 150 debaters and JV LD will be capped at 100. Speech events will be limited to roughly 120 per category, though typically we are able to accommodate more entries in some events. Initially, Public Forum will be limited to 120 entries. Congress will be tentatively capped at 400, but we expect to be flexible there. Parliamentary debate will likely be capped at 60 teams.

NOTE: This year for tournament registration, we will again begin with universal waitlist status. All entries will automatically be placed on a waitlist. Two weeks after registrations open, we will fairly and evenly take students off the waitlist. DO NOT MAKE PLANE RESERVATIONS UNTIL YOUR ENTRIES ARE VERIFIED. No schools will be given an additional entry beyond the initial limit until 7 PM on September 2, to allow other schools a chance to register and get approval. Additional entry slots will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. The chart below shows the initial school limit in each capped event. This is NOT a guarantee that you will get this many slots, only a limit on how many slots might be granted before 9/2.


Initial School Limit

Lincoln Douglas Debate 5 in each division
Congressional Debate 16 total
Public Forum Debate 5 teams
Speech Events 5 in each event
Parliamentary Debate 3 teams

We will hand out waitlist spots as they are available, but we cannot predict when that will be. That is a function of whether other schools drop entries and whether or not the administrations are able to open up rooms, both of which are beyond our control. When you send us an email asking what the likelihood of your getting off the waitlist is, we will simply refer you to this paragraph in the invitation. In previous years, though we have had a wait list through August, we have been able to accommodate almost every student that wanted to compete in the tournament. As in years past, we plan to open registration on August 1. In the rare event that date changes, we will post a notification on our website. Just as last year, students from schools owing outstanding fines to our tournament will be permanently wait listed until those fines are paid. Those schools will be registered after other schools based on space availability