2017 Deadlines

2017 Registration procedures and deadlines

All times are in EST.

Tuesday, August 1st at 1 PM

•    Online registration begins at http://www.tabroom.com

Tuesday, August 29th at 5 PM

•    Congress legislation due to yalesclegislation@gmail.com. Bills without authors or schools will be returned for revision. We will accept late additions in Congress by email until the 15th, but they will be added into existing chambers.  No legislation from late additions will be accepted.

Thursday, August 31st at 5 PM

•    Congress registrations due. Chamber assignments and dockets will be released not later than Monday, September 4 at 5:00 pm. We will accept requests for late additions in Congress by email until the 15th. Acceptance will be based on availability in chambers. No legislation from late additions will be accepted.

Monday, September 4th at 5 PM

•  Chamber assignments and dockets will be released.

Sunday, September 10th at 11:59 PM

•   Forms and waivers due. These are required to compete in the tournament; entries lacking these will be dropped.


Monday, September 11th at 7 PM

• Registration fees and judge burdens are frozen. At this point, rooms are paid for, trophies bought, food ordered, and judges hired.  That means you owe us the money and the judges, whether or not you come. If you do not meet your judge obligation or drop a judge after this deadline, you will be charged for a hired judge and a $100 fine if we are able to cover the judge, which we will likely be unable to do. If you are not covered by your own judge or a confirmed hired judge, you will not be able to compete.

• New entries due in all events (or as events hit their caps). We fill fast so register early.

• LD judge registration & names due. We will likely run out of hires long before this; be sure to request hired judges early.

Tuesday, September 12th at 12 PM

•  Congress outround legislation released

Tuesday, September 12th at 7 PM

• LD MPJ ratings can be entered online. Your judging needs to be the judging you registered online by the judging deadline.  Substitutes will not be accepted.

Thursday, September 14th at 7 PM

•  All other division’s judge names & information due. We will likely run out of hired judges long before this; be sure to request hired judges early.

• Drops can no longer be made online, but must be emailed to yale@tabroom.com.
$10 nuisance fines in addition to registration fees for each drop made after this time.

Friday, September 15th at 10 AM

• LD MPJ ratings are due. MPJ is closed at this time.

Friday, September 15th, 2:30-4:00 PM

• Debate Registration. Debate drops will be fined $15 after 2:30.  Schools with debaters must register at a location on Yale Campus to be determined closer to the tournament date by 4:00 PM, whether or not they have changes.  Please do not come to registration early; schools that come early hamper our setup.

Friday, September 15th, 7-8 PM

• Speech, Parli & Congress Only Registration. All speech schools must call between 5 PM – 6PM to confirm registration if they are not coming to debate registration. You can register in person at Dwight Chapel or call in to the tournament number that will be posted on our website. You must register to check in whether or not you have any changes. Schools that call in should pay their registration fees on Saturday morning at tab between 8:00 and 10:00 AM. Please do not come to registration early; schools that come early hamper our setup.