Congressional Debate Info

Dear Congress Competitors of the 2017 Yale Invitational,

This year, in order to ensure that we have great legislation to debate, we are requiring you to use the templates below. If you have never used a template before, it is easy. Simply download the appropriate template and type directly on to the opened document. There will be guidelines provided about what should go into each section. Please adhere to those guidelines. When done, please save the document in the following way Competitor Last Name_School.
  • No extra sections may be added, but you may add sub-sections to the pre-established format in order to provide more detail.
  • All sections must be included.
  • Bills should be about national issues and must be within the jurisdiction of the legislative branch. This means that almost all domestic pieces of legislation can be written in the format of a bill. Also, legislation that funds international expenditures can be done through the bill format. We encourage students to provide both an oversight body as well as funding provisions within their legislation.
  • Resolutions generally focus on foreign policy issues where Congress has no authority but would like to encourage the President or a foreign country to act in a particular way. The resolution uses a variety of whereas clauses to explain the need for such action.
  • Amendments should be written any time a specific change to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is desired. This legislation is generally the least labor intensive, but students have to carefully construct the language used in the wording of the proposed amendment. Students should remember that in order for this piece of legislation to pass, 2/3rds of the chamber must provide consent.
  • All legislation should be authored by an INDIVIDUAL. Any legislation submitted without an author will be returned with a request to designate the specific student who will be responsible for the legislation.
Happy Prepping! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.