Tabroom Phone

The tab room phone number for this weekend is 203-843-5796. Please call it with any questions. Registration will take place from 2:30-4 tomorrow at LC 101 (63 High Street).

2016 Yale Invitational Waitlist Status

Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder about waitlists.

The reason we do pending waitlist for everyone at the beginning is because we do not want the tournament to be first-come, first-serve. It doesn’t matter what time you registered for the tournament; everyone has an equal shot of being taken off of the waitlist. We will start taking people off the waitlist on Sunday. However, DO NOT book
flights until your teams are off the waitlist. Having booked a flight does not give you leverage to demand more slots.

In addition, in the future, please email rather than personal emails, as only those sent to the official tournament account will be answered. Thank you!

2016 Yale Invitational

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that the twenty fourth Yale Invitational will be held from Friday, September 16, to Sunday, September 18.

The invite for the tournament can be found here: Yale Invite 2016 (last updated 07/08/16)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

All the best,

Jim Huang and Stitch Sul

Tournament Directors

JVLD, VLD, Parli Ballots + Congress Tab

Hi everyone,

We hope you had a great weekend at the tournament. Please find the JVLD, VLD, Parli ballots and Congress tab documents here.


Michelle and Philip


This is the most recent version of the tournament packet. You will also have received this at registration.


Tournament Packet 2015