Reminders + Updates

First, please make sure that your school’s chaperone for the tournament has an account linked in with If they do not have this account, they will not be able to get updates, which will ensure that your school is seriously out of the loop.

Second, as a reminder, registration for all events from 2:30 to 4 on Friday is at Dwight Hall on Yale campus. From 6-7 on Friday registration will be held in LC 101 (also on Yale campus and right next to Dwight Hall).

Third, if you or your students want to sign up to receive pairing alerts via email or text for your PF debaters, you may do so via If you have PF judges who want to sign up to receive alerts when ballots are being handed out can sign up via

Finally, contestants who are competing in parliamentary debate should meet at Sloane Physics Lab (SPL) on Yale’s Science Hill on Saturday morning. The address of the building is 217 Prospect Street. This is about a 15 minute walk from Phelps Gate, so if you are taking shuttles from your hotel, please make sure to plan accordingly. Because of the distance from the main center of Yale’s campus, there will be a separate judge’s lounge and concessions located in SPL.

Tab Phone Number

The Tab phone number is 203-868-9996It is extremely important that you take note of this number. Please make sure all your students and judges are aware of this number, so they can contact Tab.  This number is for on-site issues only, and will not be answered except during the tournament.

Predp Extemp Software

Prepd Officially Launches for Competitive Speech and Debate

Provides dedicated software for Extemporaneous Speaking

Click here for full press release.

Upcoming Deadlines

September 15th is the deadline for new entries, which means that registration fees and judge burdens are frozen. After this deadline you are responsible for all registration fees and all judge obligations whether or not you attend the tournament.

In addition, if you do not meet your judge obligation or drop a judge after this deadline, you will be charged for a hired judge and a $100 fine if we are able to cover the judge, which we will likely be unable to do. Entries that are not covered by your own judge or a confirmed hire request will not be allowed to compete.

In terms of judge hire requests, please assume from this point on that your hire requests will not be cleared. If you have specific questions about judging, please contact our judging director, Zach Plyam, at


Hi everyone,


First of all, in order to help with administering the waitlist, we ask that as soon as you know that you won’t be attending or that you won’t need certain spots, please drop your slots on This is helpful even if the entries are waitlisted, because it gives us a better idea of how many entries we need to try to accommodate. For entries that are listed as TBA, we ask that you now start assigning names to those entries and subsequently drop any entries you don’t need. Schools on the waitlist need to book hotel rooms and many need to book flights, so the earlier you drop unneeded entries, the better.

Second, because we have been able to accommodate so many additional speech entries, we are adding an octofinal round for events with over 120 competitors at the start of Round 2. Based on current entries, it looks like HI, DI, OO, and OI will have enough entries for an octofinal round. Octofinalists awards will be placed in each school’s ballot envelope.

As a result here is the revised speech schedule for Sunday:

8:00   Speech Octofinals (for events with 120+ entries)

9:30   Extemp Draw

10:00  Speech Quarterfinals

12:00  Extemp Draw

12:30  Speech Semifinals

2:00   Extemp Draw

2:30   Speech Finals

4:00   Awards and Ballot Distribution

Third, speaking of schedules, the entire schedule for the Yale Invitational is now available at:

Please let us know at if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!



Shikha Garg

Tournament Director