Announcement Regarding Hotels

Hello everyone,

We are sorry to say that as of right now, the Marriott Courtyard New Haven and the New Haven Hotel room blocks have sold out. The other hotel located in New Haven, the Omni ((203) 772-6664), still has rooms available. We will update you on any changes in the situation with regard to hotel availability. Thanks very much; look forward to seeing you all soon.

UPDATE (8/20/14):  The Marriott Courtyard New Haven now has a few openings at the group rate available.


Lauren and Reed

New Waiver and Consent Form

Hello everyone,

We have worked with Yale’s Committee on Youth Programs to draft a new form that should better accommodate the concerns of school boards regarding liability. This form will replace the forms we posted before. The deadline will remain the same: Sunday, September 14th, 2014. This form will be required for students to compete at the tournament. Only one authorized individual (coach/administrator) needs to fill out the form per school.

We are providing two methods of submission:

1. You may download the form here, filling it out either electronically or scanning the form filled out on paper, and sending it as an email attachment to Please title your email as “[Name of your school] student participation form” and list the names of the individuals for whom the form applies in the body of the email.

2. You may fill out an identical version of the form that we have provided online here. If you do choose to take this route, send as an email confirming that you have done so at, with the title as “[Name of your school] confirmation of electronic submission of student participation forms” and with a list of the names of the individuals for whom the form applies in the body of your email.

Once again, the deadline for submission is Sunday, September 14th. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Feel free to email us at with any further questions or concerns. Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Lauren and Reed

Updates Regarding Waivers and Consent Forms

Hello everyone,

We are just posting to let you all know that we are aware of issues regarding submission of the waiver and consent forms for some school boards, and that we are working with the Yale administration for a modified version of the forms to address these issues. We will keep you all updated; thank you for your patience!

Lauren and Reed

NEW: Waivers and Consent Forms

This year, we are requiring that all students participating in the Yale Invitational submit the following waivers and consent forms to us, at, by the deadline specified below. Please make the subject line of your email “(Name of your school) Waiver and Consent Forms.” As per guidelines set forth by the University, all students must submit this form, or they will not be able to attend the tournament.

Waiver and Consent Forms  Please see the updated forms in our more recent post.

The deadline to submit these forms is Sunday, September 14th 2014.

(Update: This deadline has been pushed back from the 8th to the 14th in order to accommodate last-minute changes in registration.

We will also be implementing an online system for the submission of these forms to eliminate waste in having to print the forms and scan them. This will be done by July 11th.)

If you have any questions regarding these forms or university policy, please feel free to contact us anytime at

Invite Available!

The Yale 2014 Speech and Debate Tournament Invite is available!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Reed or myself at


We look forward to seeing you all in the fall!


Lauren Blonde

Tournament Director